Burlesque Classes

Interested in learning the art of Burlesque or gaining more experience in a professional setting? The Paramour Cabaret is happy to introduce our private and weekly classes suitable for all experience levels.

Below you’ll find our private and weekly course options. Our lessons can be taught in person at our purpose built club or via zoom in the comfort of your own home.




A one on one beginner class for those with little to no experience but want to dip their toe in the pool of Burlesque. Maybe you have an idea for a routine and need a little coaching or looking for a unique hens night idea?

If so, then this class is for you! In this private class we’ll get to know our bodies, how they move and create a full Burlesque routine that you can perform for anyone!

Group rates available.


This group class is suitable for all levels of experience and body shapes. Throughout the 5 weeks you’ll learn the art of Burlesque using chairs, feather fans, heels and the always popular BATHTUB!

This course takes place every Wednesday from 7-8pm and spots are limited so we strongly recommend booking early. Our next class begins March 2nd.